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Webcam looking East over Lyall Bay: good for checking the wind, swell and visability. Refreshes every 15 minutes. Force refresh Ctrl-F5 if new image doesn't load.


Eleveight Kiteboarding

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Butter Flat

For those who thirst for optimal conditions in the outdoors.


Tech Talk

We bring top brands to you at a competitive price and offer exceptional customer service. We strive to get you on the right gear to enhance your progression. 


Woo Sports

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"Te whēnua e tauria e te kohu, e whakawhitiwhitingia ana e te ao kapua"

— Aotearoa

Best Kiteboarding

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We are a team of Wellington based riders with a passion for kiting, surfing, diving and hunting. Do get in touch if you will ever be in the region.