Woo 2

Woo 2

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WOO 2.0 – Trick Detection Technology

WOO 2.0 now supports both kiting and wakeboarding with the same upgraded WOO 2.0 sensor connecting wirelessly with your Smart Phone where you can review all the details of your tricks. 

The new Freestyle mode in WOO Kite is a complete new way to get all kiteboarders excited about freestyle again and get them to stomp their best trick and progress to the next level. Get to the next level by completing your next trick and keep on pushing. 

And for all wakeboarders, WOO Sports introduces WOO Wake. An interactive game for wakeboarders all around the world. 

Download your session to the FREE APP for iPhone and Android and see how you stack up against not just the locals, but kiters all over the world. 

Pros, amateurs, rookies and veterans – all posting their results, kiting together, and boosting higher worldwide. 

The WOO 2.0 package includes

NEW WOO 2.0 Sensor
Alcohol swab
USB charging adapter
Quick start guide
WOO 2.0 comes with a new eco-friendly packaging. It’s 100% recyclable! 

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