2020 Eleveight V3 PS

2020 Eleveight V3 PS

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● Three strut swept hybrid design

● Low to medium aspect ratio

● Very smooth and controllable turning speed

● Excellent power distribution with great upwind performance

● Ultra-stable and forgiving

● Fast and easy automatic relaunch

● Safe-to-fly-features such as our innovative tangle-free bridle setup

● Heavy-duty kite with strong reinforcements

/ CHANGES for 2020

● Redefined delta for even easier relaunch

● 14m Size has less diameter in the inflatable structure for better light wind performance

● New Extreme Tenacity LE and strut material by Techno Force™

● New bridle deflector to cover the LE closing seam

● New canopy reinforcement along strut-canopy seam to protect canopy in crash and relaunch situation

● New Load dynamic super seam to increase durability and avoid seam damage

/ DESIGN Vision

The third generation of the PS is the most durable and stable one. This kite is our recommended weapon of choice for schools and those seeking to progress. It has accessible and forgiving flying characteristics with a moderate steering speed. We implemented leading safety features and paid special attention to design the kite for heavyduty usage. The shape provides an automatic relaunch, greatly enhancing the riding time for those in training. Its power and performance are readily available, allowing beginners to instantly score winnings and instructors to boost big. The PS is pure fun and gets anyone addicted to kiteboarding.


We are proud of the PS as it makes kiteboarding accessible to a broad audience. Its stability, forgiving performance and its many safety features accelerate progression.

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