2019 Eleveight PS

2019 Eleveight PS

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The PS V2 is the most stable and well balanced kite, perfect for anyone seeking a kite to progress and simply have fun. It is very durable, comes with an automatic relaunch and moderate flying speed, which makes it the perfect kite for lessons and a favorite amongst instructors and students. The easy access of power and performance, combined with the forgiving flight character make progress faster and safer than ever before.

Performance Features:

  • 3 strut delta shape

  • Low to medium aspect ratio

  • Moderate and smooth turning speed

  • Grunty power. Sheet in to ride

  • Ultra stable flying characteristics

  • Automatic relaunch

  • Innovative tangle free bridle setup

  • Additional leading edge reinforcements for wear and tear protection

  • Techno Force™ D2 Ripstop canopy

  • E8 trusted quality

The PS V2 is designed to learn kiteboarding as safe and fast as possible. It is a sophisticated design, specially targeting the easy access for beginners and the needs of kite schools.

- Peter Stiewe: Designer

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The PS was designed to support the progression of newcomers and to offer a heavy duty kite to schools and those in need. Hence the kite is very easy to control – no matter the conditions. In collaboration with countless kite schools all around the world we were able to optimize the strategic placement of Dacron material, tremendously improving the durability of the kite. It handles heavy crashes while providing obtainable power and performance. As we aim to make kiteboarding accessible to a wider audience, we offer the PS to a well-balanced price point without compromising the kite's quality. We only use highest quality materials such as Techno Force™ D2 canopy and implement our innovative features like the pull-in-bridle-system that diminishes the risk of line tangle.

For the PS V2 we optimized the wingtip design which increases its turning speed while keeping the flying characteristics smooth and controllable. We made relaunching the kite even easier as the kites silhouette automatically wants to come out of the water. The delta shape is ultra stable and provides great lift and power when sheeting in the bar. Going for the first jumps feels more natural – the PS smoothly elevates you before the amazing hang time kicks in which slowly brings you back down. Even intermediate riders will have huge learning achievements as tricks become a piece of cake.

We managed to reduce the kite's weight, which adds to the agility and low end performance. The new 14 meter size was added to the line up to fully cover the wind range, from raging storm to feeble breeze. The PSeries is heaps of fun to ride in all conditions and will boost the progression of newcomers and intermediates. It is tough, versatile and easy to handle. We are proud that this kite will stoke the passion of the next generation of riders!