2016 Best Roca 7m (Demo, minor repairs)

2016 Best Roca 7m (Demo, minor repairs)

825.00 1,499.00

3 pin prick holes repaired, kite otherwise in perfect condition.

Conquer the elements

4-line Delta / Hybrid kite for freeriding in all conditions

Innovative Tri-strut construction for maximum agility and control

Medium to high aspect ratio for explosive jumps and hang time

Unseen Low end grunt for light wind performance in every size

Latest safety features, easy handling and great relaunch



Jumping Ability – Jump so high and never come back down

The Roca’s direct and fast steering combined with the medium to high aspect ratio results in what we call “build to boost”. Radical jumps have never been easier. The wide canopy surface furthermore acts as a parachute so the rider slowly descends back to the water in full control enjoying enough hang time to finish his tricks.


Depower – Easy to control in gusts with a huge wind range in every kite

Even the grunty Roca can be easily tamed with the right depower. Thanks to the delta shape with swept wing tips the kite has a precise and wide depower for a flawless “sheet and go”: Pull the bar and the kite instantly responds with power and pull. Let go of the bar and you are back in the comfort zone.


Stability – Easy handling and performance in any wind conditions

Enjoy innovative safety features like the new 3D Foam Bridle Deflector. The Roca also comes with impressive relaunche capabilities. Best handling ever? Ticked. It’s also about performance when talking about a kite’s stability though. So we used trailing edge battens and our revolutionary Vibration Dampening System for a perfectly pitched profile stability. Different materials and techniques absorb gusts and ensure a smooth transition of power load back at the trailing edge. So the Roca’s stability ensures the highest level of confidence and control.


Low End – A lot of grunt for light wind sessions

Due to the wide canopy and ultra light tri-strut design, the Roca is ignited by the softest breeze. The sizes 14 and 17 can be ridden in winds below 10 knots. Combined with the depower characteristics, the Roca covers a huge wind range. This also makes the Roca being your kite of choice for traveling, your two-kite quiver will cover all conditions at most destinations.

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