Saturday’s Storm – Short & Sweet!

In a snap decision, I decided to head down to Seatoun with my 6m Best Cabo to face our little storm. I arrived at the beach to see waves. Really big waves – at Seatoun! ┬áThe gusts were strong and frequent, but I’d made my mind up – I had to go out.

Luckily, Fabrice was on hand for a launch, and I slipped my boots on and headed out. Well, it was definatly the strongest wind I’ve been out in. Half sheeting in would send me shooting into the sky. After only 10 minutes of flight, I was pretty knackered, and the gusts were getting worse. I came in for a rest, and Evan pulled up. After a good yarn, the wind seemed to have cooled off slightly, so I had another crack.

It was still strong, and gusty – but more forgiving. I managed to get in a few air miles, and have a wicked session.

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