Site back up!

Hi all. Sorry for the downtime, but it came with some benefits:

  • A new website. We like it, we hope you do to!

  • We bring to you a new product called Eleveight. These kites are made by the ex-designer from Best Kiteboarding so we know they are solid. We are also the official NZ distributor which means you our customer get a better price and better customer service. We're also on the hunt for 1x team rider, could this be you? Other products we now stock include Best Kiteboarding, Woo Sports, Restubes & Gibbon Slacklines.

  • The webcam is back up and the direct link is here. Please get in touch if it ever goes down so it can be rebooted!

  • Please follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the newsletter if you'd like to be kept up to date with the latest.

BrianWebcam, Eleveight