2017 Gear and new Season

Spring is almost here and to celebrate White Cloud Kiteboarding is bringing you fresh new gear from Best Kiteboarding.

We really like the new pump connection which allows for fastest pumping up of the kite.

The gear continues to improve leaving no question that Best has secured the place of one of the top companies in the industry.

Check out the new gear below and be sure to check the store for sales on previous year’s stock!

img_4088_28107771153_o img_4092_28107765683_o img_4094_28690653046_o img_4095_28438867110_o img_4096_28438863510_o img_4097_28438861170_o img_4098_28690577936_o img_4106_28617037982_o img_4162_28690563116_o img_4187_28107724573_o img_4188_28690552616_o img_4192_28645554801_o img_4244_28438833550_o img_4303_28438802670_o img_4319_28645521251_o img_4375_28107674723_o img_4463_28107604963_o img_4503_28105383594_o img_4506_28723149505_o img_4538_28645389271_o img_4544_28438647680_o img_4558_28105339464_o img_4655_28645301951_o img_4706_28723016295_o img_4752_28107425883_o img_4760_28105220344_o img_4761_28438446870_o


boots, strapless, anti bridles and fins

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